Journal Submission


Indexing is important parameter for any Research Journal to increase its visibility so that maximum researchers can reach to explore new innovative ideas and opportunities around the world. Indexing is a process in which indexes are created in order to maintain the records so that the researchers can reach the requisite particular record otherwise it will be difficult for them to narrow down their search from huge number of records. Also, Readers can reach their interest papers easily.

Criteria for Indexing with IFSIJ:

  • ​At least one issue of the Journal should have been published.
  • Journal must have ISSN (Online or Print or Both)
  •  Articles published in issue should be according to research paper template.
  • Journal should follow peer review process.
  • Journal must have an Open access.
  • Regularity of Journal in publishing issues is mandatory.
  • Published papers should be available either online or in .pdf format.
So, if your journal satisfies all above mentioned checks, then mail us following details on
  • Title of Journal
  • Website URL
  • Editor In Chief (Name, address)
  • ISSN (E)
  • ISSN (P)
  • Mail Id
  • Country
Note: once the journal is indexed, journals can publish IFSIJ logo on journal website.