Frequently Ask Question

What is the minimum requirement for evaluation of JIF?

  • At least one issue has been published.
  • At least 3 articles must have been published.

How long does the evaluation take?

1. Normal Processing : 8-12 months.
2. Evaluation on Request : 7 days.

What are the costs for JIF evaluation?There are two options:

1. Normal Processing : Free Service.

2. Evaluation on Request : The Editorial Staff who decide to use of this option will receive the JIF Value within 7 days of the fulfilment of the formal conditions. This option carries an evaluation fee of 30 USD.

How to submit a journal for indexing?

We kindly invite you to fill the SJIF online questionnaire: Apply Now.

Who can submit a journal for indexing?

The journal can be submitted by the Publisher or the Editor-in-chief.

Which scientific disciplines are covered by SJIF?

All scientific areas.

What is the evaluation methodology?

Please click here for more information.