I.F.S.I.J JIFactor Value

JIFactor Value

JIFactor Value

About the Evaluation

IFSIJ database attracts attention of many journals (about 9000 periodicals from all over the world). Every year an Annual Report of IFSIJ Journals Master List is published at the turn of December. Indexation in IFSIJ Journals Master List database is free. Journals are evaluated according to the order of registration. Generally the normal processing takes 8-10 months time.

JIF Evaluation on Request

A lot of Editors are willing to be evaluated earlier or to know faster JIF Value. If so, there is a special evaluation path : JIF Evaluation on Request. The time period is 7 days.

Order JIF Evaluation on Request and improve your Journal international position now!

To order JIF Evaluation on Request, intend via e-mail: ifsijeditor@gmail.com.

This option carries an evaluation fee of $30 USD. The evaluation process lasts a week after posting the payment.

For more information about the JIF Evaluation on Request and getting details of proposed modes of payment, please send us an e-mail (ifsijeditor@gmail.com).

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